Hahahaha Alyssa Milano Thinks Joe Rogan Only Has 3x The Listeners As Her Podcast, Which Ranks 5758th Of All Published Podcasts

Last night, Alyssa Milano went on a little bit of a venting rant. A lot of it was political, so I'm not going to include her unhinged thoughts. 

They are actually playing baseball, Alyssa. I'm watching a game right now as I blog this.

In between her thoughts on a bevy of topics, Alyssa randomly hit us with this tweet:

1. I had no idea Alyssa Milano had a podcast.

2. I guarantee Joe Rogan's podcast is MUCH more than 3x bigger than Alyssa Milano's. 

3. You realize how absurd it is to think that your podcast, that ranks 143rd currently (not overall but in the politics section), is only 3x smaller than the #1 podcast in the world? Somebody, please get this woman some help. She needs it. 

Just one last note on Alyssa's podcast and it's popularity: