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I LOVE That Orioles Catcher Adley Rutschman Is Shooting His Shot With The Bachelor's Madison Prewett

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ADLEYYYYYYY! Shoot your shot, kid! Does your team's top prospect have confidence like this? I doubt it. Legit GOAT on and off the field. I always knew Adley was different, but after seeing him attempt to swoon Madison Prewett from "The Bachelor", that just confirms it. He's a different breed. He'll throw you out, and then literally steal your girl with a smooth ass pickup line on Instagram. No need for a DM either, he'll do it right in the comments. And look at that pickup line, how can she say no? Is Madison going to become the First Lady of Birdland? Looks like there's a good chance of that. If Adley isn't afraid to hop into the comments to take your girl, he for sure won't be afraid of a pennant race in September. He's already showing that he is a leader, an alpha, a guy you want in your foxhole. I thought he was the right man to help the Orioles rebuild their franchise, but now I know for a fact he is the man for the job. Can't wait to run into Madison on Eutaw Street for Adley's MLB Debut next season.

Madison, it's also not a tough last name at all. Lets try this. Rutch-man. See? Super easy last name.  

H/T @SadOrioles


Madison Prewertt Rutschman, MY First Lady of Baltimore.