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College Football's Latest Plan: Just Tie a Cloth Mask Into the Helmets

Look, I've maintained my position for months that I am in favor of literally anything that assists in the likelihood there is college football this fall. But I should probably amend that position, because I am not an equal opportunity college football fan. Every team outside the Power Five could cease to exist tomorrow and I would be just fine.

So I don't particularly care if North Dakota State plays or not, which is why I can assert my opinion that this idea is remarkably stupid. We're sitting here at the end of July, having had four months to think of every possible way to have a football season, and the Missouri Valley Conference just now go to "mask in helmet"?

There is no way to prevent guys from being in extremely close proximity to one another playing football. Players are hitting every play with sweat and spit flying everywhere for three hours. And that's not to say everything possible shouldn't be done to try to prevent the spread of coronavirus, but something tells me that a nylon mask tied into the helmet isn't going to do the trick.

We've seen Major League Baseball players wear different variations of masks during play, but wearing one while playing baseball — and many players have had them removed at times during play — is very different than having an immovable mask tied into your helmet during a football game.

Maybe I'm really stupid and this could end up working, but I don't see it. Just let us know if we can play football or not.