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In A Bad Sign for the NFL Season, Jerry Jones Cancels Cowboys Season Tickets for 2020

No NFL owner is more savvy about business and more innovative about ways to increase revenue than Jerry Jones. He is responsible for building out television contracts, marketing, branding, memorabilia, franchise values, the NFL Network, and turning the Cowboys into the most valuable sports franchise in the world (worth $5.5 billion in 2019 according to Forbes)

All of that is to say, Jerry Jones knows how to make a buck. 

Coronavirus is spiking all over the country and specifically in places like Florida, Arizona and Texas (which became the 4th state with over 400,000 reported cases this week), and after the Marlins, Reds and Phillies recently reported multiple positive COVID cases within their organizations, the future of sports this fall is feeling pretty shaky. But the NFL is the NFL so I held out hope for full Sundays by the big screen with my Cowboys hoodie on. 

But now, I’m officially concerned. 

Jerry Jones has canceled season tickets for the year and lord only knows whether there will be fans in that beautiful stadium at all. Tickets will be sold on an “individual game” basis. 

The reason that is concerning? 

To me what that means is that Jerry Jones, as an owner, while he’s holding out hope as a revenue generating optimist, is QUITE concerned about the future this fall. He may be slow playing the fact that he doesn’t believe there will be fans in the stands at all or if there are fans, he may be worried that midway through the season, like what happened to the NBA, the whole kit and kaboodle will shut down altogether. 

As of now, governor Greg Abbott declared sports venues like AT&T Stadium would be permitted a seating capacity of up to 50 percent, and while there has since been a massive spike in the number of coronavirus cases -- leading to a paused reopening in the state -- Abbott hasn't peeled back that proclamation.

This is in stark contrast to the Jets and Giants that have already declared there will be no fans in their home stadiums for the entire 2020 season. 

So for anyone looking for optimistic signs about football, there hasn’t been a lot of great news lately. With a number of players being put on the PUP list for Covid to star players like Dont'a Hightower opting out of the 2020 season, the outlook is getting bleak.

And when Jerry Jones turns away guaranteed money, we should all be worried.