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The NCAA Is Going To Let Athletes Across Every Sport Wear Statements On Their Uniforms This Year .. No Word If 'Pay Us' Is Allowed Or Not

Obviously good on the NCAA for doing the easy, smart decision. Let these guys and girls wear social justice messages - like the Big East already said they'd have Black Lives Matters patches on their jerseys. But this is very open-ended right now. 'Memorialize people, events or other causes.' The other causes part, well what all falls in that bucket?

That's where I need someone like a Justin Fields or a Trevor Lawrence, etc to wear 'Pay Us.' Or 'Your Ad Here' and show these dumbasses that still think college athletes don't deserve money on name, image and likeness that they are worth x amount of money. This is where we need the Boz. 100% chance he'd wear that, no doubt about it.

This just keeps telling me everything about the NCAA. This is a rare W for them. Everyone agrees letting athletes wear a message is smart. Let them do what they want. But the entire Internet is roasting them for again, not letting players make money off of NIL. I've said it before, no one is saying the schools need to pay the players. They pay them with scholarships. Let them make money based on the free market. It's that simple. If a business wants to pay Justin Fields $10,000 for an ad deal, let them.