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What's The Protocol When Two Random People Climb Out Of Your Cargo Box During Your Family Road Trip?

Ok, well there's a lot to unpack here.

Let's just start off by expressing my distaste towards road trips. Sure, they're fun to look back on and say "huh, that was kind of fun" but that's very easy to do when you're about a week or two removed from the road trip itself. During the actual, ya know, driving part, I don't think less fun could be had on this earth. 

Everyone has the same exact thought the entire duration of the trip; when is this going to fucking end? Whoever said "it's not about the destination it's about the journey" can go fuck themselves because it's almost exclusively about the destinations. No one wants to do the journey shit. No worse feeling than finding yourself knee-deep in a twelve-hour road trip just to go the beach or some shit. There are beaches fucking everywhere! Why am I driving 14 hours to go to one just because it's in South Carolina? Anyways, let's carry on.


A British family found two migrants hiding in the luggage box on the roof of their car while driving through France.

The family stopped at a service station on the A29 in Normandy when they heard a noise coming from the box, France Bleu radio reported.

Upon opening it, they were shocked to find two people hiding inside.

Giphy Images.

Ah jeez. Talk about an inconvenience. You've spent the money to acquire more storage - presumably because this family is bringing FAR too many items on this trip - only to find out it's been used for two, full-sized human beings. While that information is useful - perhaps for a later date - that doesn't help the situation at hand. 

Two literal humans just climbed out of a container that you thought was filled with luggage, what now? How are you supposed to react? The people who were actually involved just kind of kept repetitively asked where their belongings had gone, like these guys give a single fuck. It must be a real kick in the dick when you find out all of your shit was dumped so two random dudes could hitch a ride. 

I think the more important question is; what was it like in there? Was it cool? Was it scary? Did it feel weird going 60 on the highway whilst sitting in the pitch black? All questions I'd be peppering these fellas with because I am, in fact, too pussy to find out myself. Who cares about your wife's bedazzled Ed Hardy shirt and the youth large Aston Villa kit that your 16-year-old son squeezes into because you're too cheap to get him another, I wanna know more about these passengers experience. 

Funny enough, these two guys just walk away. They didn't wanna deal with any of the ramifications so they just straight-up walk the fuck away. They want nothing else to do with this family. Meanwhile the guy - the father, I presume - is just repeating "empty your pockets, empty your pockets" as if they stuffed everything down their pockets. What the fuck do you think this is? The dad also tries to act like he's in control of this situation as if he didn't just let two random people get a free ride on top of his car. 

The British tourists told police that they had arrived in France on the Eurotunnel and had stayed in Calais overnight, which is where the migrants are believed to have got into their luggage box.

The couple filed a complaint for theft because items of luggage had been removed from the box.

Honestly, how did nobody notice this? I get that may seem like extreme hindsight but like what the fuck? Nobody at the hotel noticed two men climbing/locking themselves into a cargo box? Who would've locked the cargo box shut anyways? There are just far too many questions that need answering for me to decide whether these people are idiots or not. There had to have been something that said "hey, there are people in here now". 

Either way, you just have to be thankful that these guys were relatively peaceful. Thankfully they weren't marauders that would rip your face off or some shit. They just dumped your clothes someplace.

PS - I'm sure the "theft" charges are gonna be a semantics nightmare in court.

"Your majesty (England, remember) I didn't steal the items, I simply moved them"