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"I Love Him And I Want To Be With Him For The Rest Of My Career" - Joel Embiid On Ben Simmons. The Haters Can Suck It

There's nothing the national media loves more than to try to fabricate this massive divide in the Sixers locker room between Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. Any time the Sixers are ever brought up, it always turns into a debate about whether or not this team can succeed with both of them on the roster. It's always "would you keep Joel" or "would you keep Ben". The media loves to just assume these guys hate each other's guts, and then they run with it so hard that it just turns into the generally accepted narrative. 

And now here comes Joel Embiid professing his love for Ben Simmons for the whole world to hear. I mean this shit was more romantic than any marriage proposal I've ever heard. Guy just spilled his heart out there. He wants to be with Ben Simmons for the rest of his career. Ben Simmons is his one and only. He wants to continue to develop together. He wants to grow old together. He wants to laugh and cry and share the highest of highs together. And don't get me wrong, every marriage goes through some rough patches. But if its a relationship worth fighting for, you find a way to grow together and come out even stronger on the other side. Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons are, as the kids would say, goals. But the mainstream media are a bunch of miserable virgins who will forever be alone so they just don't understand. 

So now we've got Embiid and Simmons as the greatest love story in the NBA. We've got Ben being able to knock down 3's in an empty gym. Matisse looks like a killer. Tobias looks like a killer. And Shake is PG1. I just don't see how its possible that this season, and plenty more after this one, don't end with a parade down Broad Street.