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Wake Up With This Season's Battles In LA

Los Angeles Lakers v Los Angeles Clippers Harry How. Getty Images.

Guess what? Basketball is back tonight. Like real, games that actually count basketball. The NBA season restards tonight with two games on the schedule and while I think we're all excited to see Zion play again, the main attraction is clearly LAL vs LAC IV. So I figured what better way to start our day than to relive how this matchup has looked so far this season. The Clippers own the season series 2-1 and while there isn't much of a chance for the seeding to change between these two this is obviously a measuring stick game that both fanbases will say doesn't matter if they lose and will basically declare themselves champs if they win. They kicked us off when the season first started in October, so it only makes sense they do the same with the restart.

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Unfortunately tonight the Clips will be without Harrell, Williams, or Beverley so there really is no excuse for the Lakers to lose this one. AD and LeBron have looked great in their scrimmage minutes, and I'm interested to see if Kawhi is going to snap out of his funk and actually be the Kawhi we remember. Either way it feels fucking fantastic to have real basketball in our lives again, we just have to get to tonight. Piece of cake.