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Apparently Some Beyond Crazy Person In The NBA Bubble Tried To Order MULTIPLE LIVING Chickens To Orlando

(Starts around 7 minute mark)

What in the living fuck is going on out here? Just fast forward to the 7 minute mark of this interview with the Morey brothers (it's boring, so do yourself a favor and don't even bother listening to the early part) and hear for yourself. Someone ordered MULTIPLE LIVE chickens to the NBA bubble. That's a crazy person move. Nobody needs to have live chickens running around a hotel. 

This had to be Serge Ibaka though, right? The dude has his own cooking show. I could 100% see him walking around like Pedo Cerrano from Major League and ready to sacrifice a chicken before cooking it. Maybe they all got caught up in Lou Will's Magic City wings fiasco? I don't know man, but ordering some live chickens is a fucked up move. That's the move of a crazy person. That's the move of someone I want on my team but gotta keep at arms length. 

Now the pinball machines? That's a guy who is a pal. Pinball is fucking sweet. Remember the old pinball game on computers back in the mid-90s when we were in grade school? Cosmic Pinball? That's one of the all time games. Growing up with that and Oregon Trail really counterbalanced the typing classes we had to take because our teachers had no idea what a computer was either. What a time it was back in the 90s. Pinball is sweet. Just an easy game to kill some time, argue about high scores. Whoever tried to order those should be a pal. The live chickens? Not so much. 

You telling me Jesus Christ can't hit a curveball?