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It's Way More Fun Watching Gerrit Cole Pitch For The Yankees Than I Ever Imagined

I've got a confession guys: it's way more fun than I ever imagined watching Gerrit Cole pitch for the Yankees. Dude just takes the ball and shoves every time he steps on the bump and it's mesmerizing. So far his first innings have been a tad bumpy, but once he settles in the game becomes a joke. You allow Cole to get in a rhythm and it's game over. Here are some of his best pitches from last night.  

The Yankees haven't had a pitcher like this since prime CC in the late 2000s/early 2010s, and it still wasn't this fun. A dude who you give the ball to and watch him dominate every time out there. I mean his last regular season loss came in May of 2019. It's just a lot of fun watching this cyborg throw the baseball. 

The crazy thing is despite being 2-0 and winning those games fairly easily, Cole hasn't looked his best. He's given up runs in both first innings and hasn't gotten as many swings and misses as you'd expect. He only struck out five in the opener and seven last night. This isn't a negative. It's just saying the version we're watching right now is going to get a whole lot better as he adjusts. Remember Cole had a 4.11 ERA through his first 11 starts last year. That number dipped to 1.78 over his final 22 starts. He's always working, always trying to get better even when it seems impossible. After he gave up a run in the first last night you could see him in the dugout working with Gary to correct his issues. By the way, Cole has had nothing but the utmost praise for Gary behind the plate. You might be getting on the catcher for his 0 for start to the year at the plate, but the guy is catching Cole very well right now and that makes me happy. 

Another thing, on the mound Cole is this firing breathing workhorse who wants the opposing batter to die. Judge talked about facing him in a live AB during summer camp and giving Cole a nod to say "whats up" only to receive a stare down as if it was the World Series. You get that competitor on the mound, but when he sits to talk to the media you get this relaxed dude who can fuck around. 

I love this man. Two starts in and I'm having a blast.