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The NFL Believes Patrick Mahomes Is The THIRD BEST Quarterback In The League????

Every year. Every goddamn year the NFL puts out this dog shit list and I say I'm going to ignore it and not pay it any mind and then something so flagrant happens that I explode. This would be the thing that set me off this particular year. Patrick Mahomes is not the fourth best player in football. I think it's more accurate to call him the fourth best player of all time than it is to call him the fourth best player in the NFL right this second. Thinking he's *slightly* better than the fifth best player in the League, which is apparently Michael Thomas according to this list, is about as insulting as insults come. But that's somehow not even the worst part of all this. Fourth overall? Fine. It's wrong, but whatever. The THIRD BEST QB IN FOOTBALL?????????????????????????????????????????


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They haven't even announced #1 and #2 yet. (Update: they announced #1 AND #2. My internet went out mid-blog. Way to show up when I need you most, Fios, you fucks.) Based on the players they've already listed it would appear that Lamar Jackson and Russell Wilson are about to be at the top of this list. I'm a Lamar guy. I love the reigning MVP and think he's a top five quarterback. Same goes for Russ. If he had an offensive coordinator who knew passing more than 20 times a game was legal I can't begin to imagine the type of numbers he'd put up. He's also in that top five, not a doubt in my mind. But saying "top five" makes it seem like there's an argument within those five. There is not. There's an argument between 2-5, there is no argument for who is number one. It's like when Jordan was in the NBA. Sure, there was a top five. But the gap between 1 and 2 was so much greater than the gap between 2 and 20 that it's hard to even say they're in the same conversation. I know this list is made with the sole intention of garnering attention and eyeballs and clicks and shit, I understand that's what I'm doing by pressing publish on this blog post, but I don't care. This is so flagrant it should be called out. It's fucking stupid to be the official network of the most popular sport in the country and bury the face of your League behind two lesser players just to create some buzz for one night.