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There's Nothing Stopping You From Getting Rich Playing Poker


I thought this was really great. Call it inspirational, call it what you will. I just think it's wonderful. Spraggy started streaming online at the lowest stakes 4 years ago to virtually nobody. But he had this goal to become a pro poker player, a streamer as well, and just kept doing it. He developed a fan base, developed his poker game, became a PokerStars sponsored pro, and yesterday took 3rd place for over $70k in a vey tough $5k online tournament in front of an audience of over 30,000. That's fucking AWESOME. I love stories like this. Persistence and hard work pay off. 

And for some reason people don't get that about poker. Or at least some people refuse to. They'll just call it a luck game because they lose, not accepting that it's actually because people are better than them. Poker is a game of skill that if you put in the work you can get rich from. Anyone can. The tools are out there, mostly for free. There's a reason my cohost on Cracking Aces, Jake, prints money at poker. He puts in the work. There's a reason why the top pros win bracelets every year, or crush the cash games. Study, work, and get rich. It's possible. This is just more proof. 

We talk about this type of thing a lot on the podcast. How to get better. And some people take it to heart and succeed.



I love seeing shit like that. Our little podcast is helping people. Doesn't get better than that.