6 Name Replacements For The Indianapolis Indians If They Are To Change Their Name

I tell you what, there's nothing like a summer night out at Victory field watching the Indianapolis Indians with your friends. Going to these games are one of the most enjoyable things you can do in Indy. AAA baseball, cheap beer, and lawn seating always makes up for a great experience. With the news of the Indians being in consideration of changing their name, it made me think of some new names that either sound badass or fit well with the culture of Indiana. After a quick shower, here are all of the names I thought of to replace the Indians. 

The Indianapolis Potholes

You're not driving in Indy if you're not hitting a pothole. They are literally everywhere and unfortunately here to stay. Potholes are also an obstacle that can cause mass destruction. If you want to get to the end of the road (AAA championship), you have to go through us first. 

The Indianapolis Roundabouts

Now here me out because I think this is the perfect name! In the game of baseball, you have to go around bases to score. In Carmel, Westfield, Fishers, pretty much any nice town in Indiana, you have to go around a roundabout. The merchandise on these would sell like hotcakes! You can just turn a baseball into a roundabout! Since we're talking about driving so much, here's a no brainer.

The Indianapolis Speedsters

If we want to honor the great spectacle in racing, let's just name this team off of the Indy 500 cars. Actually no, this is a pretty stupid name. Let me get more creative...

The Indianapolis AAA Baseball Team

Just like the Washington Football Team, we're getting straight to the point. We're just here to play and win baby.

The Indianapolis Team That Andrew McCutchen Used To Play For

Not many know this but Andrew McCutchen did play for the Indianapolis Indians before he became the all star that he is! We haven't won a title since 2000, but at least we produced Andrew McCutchen. 

The Indianapolis Cornballs

Indiana is full of cornballs. There's cornballs everywhere you go. On the sidewalk, at the gas station, there everywhere. Cornballs are just goofy looking individuals that live in their own world. But I really like cornballs and they are what make this state so interesting. Hell, I'm a cornball and I'm proud.

For baseball fans outside of Indiana, this new name may take a while to adjust to. For us Hoosiers, this is just a normal transition. Lucas Oil Stadium used to be the RCA Dome. Bankers Life fieldhouse used to be Conseco Fieldhouse. Finally, Ruoff Music Center used to be Klipsch Music Center before it was Verizon Wireless Music Center. I still call it Klipsch when I go to concerts. I don't know what the new name will be, but I'm ready to go to a game! Even if it's next year...