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Don't Tell Brian Boyle He's In A Bubble, He Lives In A Terror Dome

I LOVE it. I was wondering if or when things would boil over in the bubble. We saw a little bit of tension between the Flames and Oilers last night, but that's the Battle of Alberta. Boyle only knows how to play one way. Only knows one role. He's not going to let a Russian like Sergachev cross check in an exhibition, in a bubble, on a glacier, or on the street. He doesn't know it's an exhibition or at least he doesn't care. This is what we need. To borrow a phrase...a Stanley Cup played with Tummy Sticks would have an asterisks. Hockey players were never going to let that happen though. They're stir crazy like the rest of us. Some of us want to go out to bars. Other guys, like Boyle, are dying to punch people in the face. Now it can happen and we should be thankful for it.