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Clemson's Revenge Season Begins With A Taylor Swift/Wiggle Dick TikTok

Hand up, I wrote the tweet above. It could easily be seen as me hating from "outside of the club" on a bunch of college athletes that could squash me like a bug. But that's what we do here at Barstool Sports, we make jokes. We point out things. 

From a personal perspective, I can't hate on these fellas. They are just playing the game. You know how many Clemson coeds are gonna absolutely love this TikTok? Their DMs are gonna be popping once they put this on their Instagram story.

However, the contrast of what football used to be to now? Imagine somebody doing this inside Miami's locker room in 1993? I sound like a damn boomer saying that, but when I watched that TikTok that's all I thought about. 

But at the end of the day, these dudes were just having fun. Nothing wrong with that. Dudes rock. 

P.s. I wonder if Dabo (TikTok master) approves: