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Rudy Gobert Thinks The Media Portrayed Him As The Person Who Brought Coronavirus To The USA ... Nah Dude, You Just Acted Like A Jackass

This fucking guy man. Yes he did catch a bit of a raw deal of being the first pro athlete to announce he tested positive with coronavirus and it started the entire shutdown process of sports. Shit, the NCAA did say Gobert testing positive led to the cancellation of the NCAA Tournament the next day: 

But the reason so many people have talked shit about Rudy Gobert was the fact he acted like a complete and utter jackass. No one actually thought he brought coronavirus to the United States. You were just a fucking dickhead. Remember this Rudy? 

Nope? How about this one? 

Oh remember this was after the Jazz had a huge meeting about the seriousness of coronavirus and not doing shit like this. So that's why we all talk about you Rudy. The whole woe-is-me that he's done and the heel turn he's had is nothing short of absurd. Stop bitching, just say sorry for acting like a dick and everyone moves on. That simple.