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Recommended: Rush - Limelight (Live In Montreal 1981)

I just got tagged in a tweet from Spider that read, ".@RobbieBarstool in 40 years.", and after clicking the notification with some trepidation as to who he could be talking about (because sometimes my lookalikes are ANTIFA people), I was delighted to see this was the picture his tweet was in reference to was none other than Mr. Geddy Lee, who turns 67 today!

God, I hope I look like that rockstar when I'm his age. That was the best compliment I could've asked for from my arachnid friend this morning. Anyway, doing a 'Limelight' edition of 'Recommended:' felt like a no brainer, being IT IS the theme song of My Mom's Basement after all - so here ya go! Rush at the peak of their powers performing, 'Limelight'!

Thinking of Geddy today on his first birthday without his friend Neil Peart - hope he's having a great day.