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Stripper Strike In Philadelphia Park Angers Residents

Lovely seeing trusty, 'ol Philly news staple Jim Gardner covering this story. Speaking of:

A Philadelphia community is upset after a group of exotic dancers held a demonstration over the weekend in an open park. It happened at Malcolm X Park located at 51st and Pine streets in West Philadelphia on Saturday.

The dancers called the demonstration a "stripper strike," aimed at improving working conditions in gentleman's clubs. On Tuesday night, the dancers met with the community in the same park where a conversation got heated.

I went on over to the Stilettos Inc. Instagram page to see their side of the story & though I understand the argument of wanting to keep a park kid friendly, it seems like what went down was a bit overblown. The event was peaceful, looks like it stayed on the far end of the public space away from most locals & any playground equipment, besides some spicy 'fits there was no nudity, and it was for a good cause (to fundraise for dancers who are currently out of work due to COVID & advocate for better treatment & representation at clubs). 

I also understand those wondering why they couldn't have held it elsewhere, but if they wanted to gain attention & cause a stir that had a greater reach, this was the smart way to go. They accomplished that & got their message on the news, even if it wasn't in the most flattering light.

I couldn't find any video of the event itself, but it seems that one held several weeks before was pretty even-keel… Just women speaking their minds about the issues in sex work/stripping. 

Personally I could never strip, but only because I can't dance or walk in heels and don't have the boobs to motor boat. However, I have enjoyed my fair share of strip club nights (unavoidable in the military, shout out to the purple church) & website scrollin' (we're in isolation times, what else am I supposed to do?) and I see no shame to the sex work game. 

That the world's oldest profession is still considered so taboo allows its workers to be taken advantage of in all sorts of awful ways, and if you're looking down on them or consider them 'less than' you're either lying about your own habits or are a big 'ol nerd in my eyes. Ladies (and gents), stay on the #grind and keep fighting the good, glittery fight in the City of Stripperly Love. 

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