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Get Your Day Rolling With Some Of The Best Bench Clearing Baseball Brawls Ever

Not sure about you guys, but I'm still a little caliente from the late night tizzy (definitely not a brawl) between the Dodgers and Astros last night. Basketball fights are usually just a collection of gangly arms holding people back, football fights are between guys with helmets on their head as well as pads on every part of their body, and hockey fights are damn near a part of the sport. 

But bench clearing baseball brawls just hit different. You usually get a taste of real violence along with the preposterousness of some of the less athletic guys on the team running from the bullpen to just stand around and yell at each other. Even the phrase bench clearing brawl is awesome. There are only a few baseball fights that have ever resembled anything close to a brawl. But baseball goes so well with the word, it has become engrained in the sport like hot dogs and beer. So sit back, get the blood pumping while watching some PG violence, and lets have ourselves a Wednesday!

P.S. This gif should be in Cooperstown

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