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The NHL Needs To Mic Up The Benches For The Restart

I don't care what needs to be done to make this happen. If you want to put it behind a paywall, then put it behind a paywall. If I need to subscribe to an NHL OnlyFans account to be able to hear the benches during a broadcast, then sign me up. 

Sure, being able to hear the bench give it to Gaëtan Haas after getting crossed out of the bubble by Johnny Hockey is great. But I need more. Because you know the fellas were giving it to him for the rest of the night out there. Hell, Matthew Tkachuk was on the ice when it happened so he didn't even get a chance to start chirping away. With no fans in the barn, this seems like a perfect way for the NHL to make back some of that revenue. Instead of charging for tickets, they can put the bench broadcast on an NBC Gold package. And to really make it worth the viewer's money, they can cut Pierre McGuire out of that broadcast. So not only do you get to hear all the chirps, but you also don't have to listen to Pierre tell you about the rink Sean Monahan played in when he was 7 years old. 

Oh and by the way--Connor McDavid is a robot and he's obviously made out of stainless steel because this man simply does not rust. 

Hit the speed burst and also left a banana peel on the track for Noah Hanifin. God it feels so good to have this beast back out on the ice making some of the best hockey players in the world look like its their first time on skates again.