So if you've been following along at all, Matt Gaudet instantly became the biggest villain in the PLL in his pro lacrosse debut on Saturday night. The man put on a chirping clinic for the ages out there. Now a lot of folks out there, mainly lax dads who have lacrosse sticks tattoo'd on their calves, thought that Matt Gaudet saying some mean words to Blaze Riorden was the most heinous thing they've ever seen on a lacrosse field. Other people, like those of us with functioning brain cells, realize that chirping is just a part of the game and if you can use it to gain the mental advantage in the game, then chirp away. So we had Matt Gaudet come on The Crease Dive today to tell his side of it and explain the art of the chirp. 

In that interview, Gaudet told us that he's very much aware he put a target on his back. And that he knows that guys are going to start trying to take runs at him for running his mouth. And that's his game plan. Because if he can get the defense to focus on him instead of focusing on Jordan Wolf and Justin Guterding, that's a huge win for the Chrome. 

Now Matt Gaudet is out there trying to hurt other players' feelings. But that psychopath Garrett Epple is apparently trying to give dudes brain damage over a few mean words. 


Now here's the thing--that initial hit? It was fucking beautiful. He had a clean shot to take on Gaudet and he absolutely blew him up. Couldn't draw it up any better than that. And that's the exact type of hit Gaudet knew he'd be on the receiving end of at some point. So great hit and everything but then to follow that up by standing over a dude who is already laying on the ground and crosschecking him in the head not once but twice? That's some gutless shit right there. And so much more dangerous to the game than a guy who is throwing a few chirps out there. Credit to Gaudet for popping right back up after the assault though. 

But then the Chrome would go on to score 3 goals during the powerplay they got from Epple turning into a deranged lunatic so yeah, I'd say this has all been working out precisely how Matt Gaudet had planned. Redwoods lost control, Chrome offense goes to work, Garrett Epple ends up looking like a clown. That's why he's the professor of the Chirping MasterClass.