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Lightning is really dangerous in lacrosse cuz the whole metal sticks thing-PLL update 7/28/20

I didn't realize how close together these games were when I started writing these 

Redwoods vs. Chaos was canceled don’t know if they will make it up due to lightning, Lightning is taken a little more seriously in lacrosse due to the players pointing serious electroconductive material up in the air a lot. 

Archers vs Atlas Recap 11-10 final

Atlas couldn't get it up a second night in a row for another comeback. Pannell was 1-10 shooting and Rabil might as well have been back in the front office courting investors because he is nowhere to be seen on the stat sheet (he has done an amazing job there to his credit). Trevor Baptiste had a better day facing off 62% but the archers just stopped the atlas comeback in the second half. Grant Ament was a psycho going out of his mind for 3 goals and Will Manny and Tom Schreiber facilitated serious offense. Jack Concannon the Atlas Goalie got lit up but made 16 saves which show the Atlas really need to get their defense together.


Waterdogs vs Archers 7pm

Waterdogs coming off a disappointing loss to the Atlas on Sunday are going to be bringing it against the Archers with only 1 nights rest. This game is pretty much a tossup as both teams played the Atlas almost evenly just the Archers could stop their successive. comeback. I think the Waterdogs do have a huge advantage with the longer time off and being able to watch the Atlas Archer game from the night before. I expect big games from Ament once again but If the Waterdogs gameplan for him after what he did against the Atlas I see Will Manny stepping up. Big games from Mcardle and Kelly for the Dawgs.

Waterdogs beat the spread, over.

Redwoods vs. Chrome

I keep wanting the Redwoods midfield to happen. I have a feeling Connor Farrell is gonna go off against the rookie and once again Neuter the Redwoods high powered offense. I just really hope someone takes off Matt Gaudet. Guy talks a lot of trash for a Canadian. Farrell feeds the Wolf and offense the ball and the boys gonna eat. Its that simple.

Chrome beat the spread, over.