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MLB Used Some Common Sense, Reworked The Schedule, And Will Now Have The Yankees Play the Orioles Tomorrow Instead Of The Phillies

Alright well it appears Major League Baseball has actually decided to use some common sense with handling the Marlins Covid-19 outbreak. The Marlins will not being played baseball until at the earliest Monday. That even feels too early, but at least they'd be able to assemble some sort of roster by then. The Phillies will be off until Friday so that they can undergo a few more tests and try to confirm they have all negative tests. It's still not going to be 100% certain by then where everyone stands, but it's much better than going off the initial tests.

That leaves the Yankees and Orioles dormant without opponents. The best idea here was to have the two teams play each other. It's almost as if I said this in the morning. Oh wait I did!

To me it seems to make too much sense to have the Orioles come into town and play the Yankees for two games Wednesday and Thursday. Both teams are dormant right now as the Marlins and Phillies are sidelined. Wouldn't it be a no brainer to have them play just for the sake of getting games in? Neither are in any fear of coronavirus right now, they're just without an opponent. The Yanks/O's and Phillies/Marlins are scheduled to play each other 9/10-9/13. You could just do an easy swap of opponents there to correct the schedule no? I don't know, probably makes too much sense for ole Manfred. 

Should I be commissioner? Did Manfred see my tweet and spark a plan? That's neither here nor there. I don't want the credit, that's not what I'm about. I'm just happy smart people started thinking and Major League Baseball is approaching this the "right" way. 

Yankees Orioles tomorrow. A battle of two first place titans. Hey Gary Thorne...BOOO

P.S.  It is worth noting that there have been zero new positive tests among the other 29 teams in Major League Baseball since Friday. That's what's keeping the hope of this season alive.