The Orioles Have Announced Mo Gaba Has Been Elected To Their Hall Of Fame


The Orioles announced earlier today that Baltimore super fan, Mo Gaba, has been elected to the Orioles Hall Of Fame. If you follow Baltimore sports, you know Mo. I did my favorite blog ever on Mo last month talking about his graduation parade, feel free to give that a read. He’s a special young man that I know I will never, ever forget, and now knowing that he’ll forever be enshrined in the Orioles Hall Of Fame is absolutely amazing. He’ll always be a part of this franchise. He’ll be forever linked with legends like Cal Ripken Jr, Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson, Eddie Murray, Mike Mussina, Earl Weaver, Jim Palmer, etc, and he’ll join Wild Bill Hagy as only the second fan ever to be inducted. What a special honor for such a special person.



If you don’t know, Mo has been fighting cancer since he was 9 months old. But if you talked to him or heard him on the radio you’d have no idea. We don’t know how much longer we have here with Mo, and that’s why I make sure to treasure every visit I have with him. He’s never complained, and never asked “why me?”. That’s just who he is- he is always worried about his friends and his mom before he even thinks about himself. I visited with him last week and asked if he was able to watch the Orioles scrimmage they had the night before. He apologized to me and said he wasn’t able to watch it because he was in the hospital. He was upset he missed the game, but I told him it was okay because we have to worry about his health first. He’s just trying to be a normal 14-year-old and watch his favorite team. That’s what makes this honor so great. He lives, breathes, and eats Baltimore sports, and now he will always be mentioned with them. When I saw him Sunday I was able to tell him that we have a first place ball club in Baltimore, and that the Birds were looking good. Now the Birds Hall Of Fame will be looking even better with his plaque up there. 

Congrats to you, Mo. I can’t wait to go to your Hall Of Fame enshrinement ceremony next year!