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LeBron Sat On A Throne, Claiming It Was A Chair 'Everyone Sits In', While His Coach Had To Sit On A Stool For The Same Interview

Oh everyone sits on that chair LeBron? Just want to clarify that statement real quick from him before I link this next tweet. Because if that was a regular chair that everyone sat in why would Frank Vogel have this: 

The shirtless interview, the throne, the joke, this is peak Bron Bron. This is why I've always said the same thing when it comes to him. He's an unreal player, top tier ever with Jordan, but my God is he the most annoying star of all time. It's this stuff, it's all the complaining, it's all the annoying Instagram posts, it's stupid Taco Tuesday, all of that. Just go play hoops man and let that do the talking for you. I don't need to know how hard you 'grind to make it.' Shit even if it was just the lame jokes it'd be okay. 

And all the LeBron die hards can say what they want. He just happened to sit in that chair, he just happened to find it. I'm sure a guy who reminds everyone his nickname is 'The King' just HAPPENED to find this chair that everyone sits in besides his coach who looks identical to Joe from Impractical Jokers.