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A 5-Star Recruit Just Committed To Michigan State Because He Said It's The First Time Tom Izzo Flew To Canada In 20 Years

What the hell is going on at Michigan State right now? Don't get me wrong, Tom Izzo has always recruited well, but he's typically landing a dude like Emoni Bates. Looking at the historical recruiting rankings for Michigan State, the best recruits they landed prior to Bates was Shannon Brown, Jaren Jackson and Miles Bridges. Now Bates (No. 1 overall according to 247) and Max Christie are both two of the 5 best recruits Izzo has ever landed. 

To quote a popular podcast ...hmmm. 

And now he lands a top recruit in the class of 2022. Why? Well according to Enoch Boayke it's because Tom Izzo flew to Canada to recruit for the first time in 20 years. This may sound crazy, but how? How did Tom Izzo never recruit in Canada? It's a HOT BED for recruiting, especially over the last 5-7 years. Not only that but he's in fucking Michigan. It's not that far, you can keep pitching 'close to home' in a way there. 

Don't get me wrong, it makes sense for Izzo to start recruiting like this. But my question is why? Izzo is stubborn to put it kindly. Why the hell is he starting to go out and get a bunch of top recruits? Is he adjusting his recruiting strategy with NIL possibly coming or does he just realize he needs these guys to mix in with his typical 4-stars/4-year guys? That's what I'm fascinated to see and find out and Izzo keeps recruiting. 

Oh and for those thinking Bates might classify there's this theory: 

Obligatory mixtape video: