"The Man Cave" On ESPN 980 Attempts to Talk Hockey...The Intro To The Segment Is Unreal


You might remember The Man Cave, the ESPN 980 radio show that was canceled by Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen, then they pretended a series of prank phone calls got the show canceled. But then it got on the air, thank GOD, because finally, a morning drive sports talk show for men. The Man Cave! Well, today they talked hockey. And that above was the intro. Laugh. Out. Loud. That’s what they went with. A sports show. In a top 10 market. In morning drive. If that show gets more than a 0.0 in the ratings I’ll be shocked. Leave it to a Daniel Snyder owned radio station to fire guys before they start, lie about the entire situation to make yourselves look like even bigger incompetent buffoons, and then allow them to go on the air and admit they have no idea what the fuck they are even talking about. Viva La Man Cave!


h/t Dan Steinberg, who I ate lunch with at a Pot Belly in DC about 5 years ago. I wonder if he knows that was me.