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Despite Zero Phillies Players/Coaches Testing Positive For Covid-19, Tonight's Yankees-Phillies Game Has Been Postponed Again As MLB Surprisingly Errs On The Side Of Caution

Another day another Yankees-Phillies game postponed. The more and more I think about it, it's probably a good idea for the Yankees to not play the Phillies at all this week. If Rob Manfred is serious about having players' health as a priority then the Phillies shouldn't be playing baseball games until at least the weekend. You need to be sure they don't have the rona. One round of testing is not going to prove that based on what we know about the virus. You could test negative on Monday's results, but take the test on Wednesday and it pop up there. I like the call here to err on the side of caution if it means we can get the rest of the season in. I can sacrifice a few early games for the bigger picture. 

To me it seems to make too much sense to have the Orioles come into town and play the Yankees for two games Wednesday and Thursday. Both teams are dormant right now as the Marlins and Phillies are sidelined. Wouldn't it be a no brainer to have them play just for the sake of getting games in? Neither are in any fear of coronavirus right now, they're just without an opponent. The Yanks/O's and Phillies/Marlins are scheduled to play each other 9/10-9/13. You could just do an easy swap of opponents there to correct the schedule no? I don't know, probably makes too much sense for ole Manfred. 

As for a Marlins update...

That's now half of the Marlins roster having coronavirus. Manfred was asked yesterday by Verducci what it would take to suspend a team from playing and he said, "a team would have to lose a number of players to render them 'non-competitive.'" Well what is half the fucking active roster mean? The Marlins are going to be calling up more than 15 minor leaguers to play big league baseball. I mean what are we doing here? Just cuncel the Marlins, pray the results from the Phillies come back clean and maybe we can keep chugging along? Probably not, but I'm trying here. Cuncel da Fish. 

Fuck me.