'You Ain't Getting Wings As Good As These And You Ain't Getting A Better Show' - It's Time We End The Stigma Of Eating Dinner At A Strip Club

[Source] - Tropikal Delite saw me writing in my notepad and tilted her head quizzically. She strolled over to my table in her stilettos, a halter top tied in the front and a blue G-string.

“Why are you taking notes? Are you grading my looks?” she playfully asked. 

“Let me tell you this,” he added, “you ain’t getting wings as good as these, and you ain’t getting a better show.”

Also waiting for wings with me at the bar was a man who was rolling one of the fattest blunts I’ve ever laid eyes on. 

I’m rolling with Lou Williams on this one. It makes perfect sense why he’d follow a funeral by going to Magic City. This is the kind of comfort food you crave. It makes sense why he wanted his dinner from a strip club. 

There is nothing hotter in the news right now than Magic City, the strip club in Atlanta, and its wings. So as I was reading this story of a writer in Atlanta going there for the first time and getting a taste if it was worth it, it got me thinking. We need more of this shit. We eat at SHIT places all the time, especially late night when drunk. Why not end the stigma that strip clubs only can have terrible buffets? 

Look at the quote again in the headline. What's better than some fire chicken wings and watching a stripper? There ain't nothing wrong with that! We need to start embracing this lifestyle that Atlanta seems to have down perfect. We're all adults, we all watch porn. I guarantee a handful of people reading this have eaten something while watching porn. Don't lie, I know some of you have. 

I think I love Magic City though. Never been there but you got dudes rolling blunts at the bar, strippers named Tropikal Delite - which I think we can all agree is a 10/10 stripper name - and wings that are apparently out of this world. YP brought up a good thought the other day: 

Whatever is going on, it's working. Magic City has shot up to my No. 1 spot to visit. I've searched high and low to find a way to get wings delivered to my house from there. Their menu has a bunch of different options. This needs to be commonplace around the country, not just Atlanta. Open a strip club, include some staple mean like chicken wings or nachos or beer cheese. Something simple. Bring in all the customers. 

Time to end the stigma - who wants to meet for a meal and show?