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Longtime Toolies: I Went To A Sand Pit!

Whole new level reached this morning. Bright and early I headed to a place called San Antonio Masonry Yard of some shit like that. When I pulled through the business’ gates, I was greeted by piles and pallets of stone, brick, and mother fuckin sand.

I had never been to a place with so much sand (the beach and Iraq notwithstanding). There was construction bros AND LADIES ripping heaters and shootin the ole breeze. After getting my temperature checked and securing my mask in place, I went inside the business area.

“I’d like exactly one sand, please” I said through my disguised grin which couldn’t be seen due to the soul-stealing pandemic.

“What does that mean” said Roger who clearly wasn’t up for any tomfoolery.

“I’ll have half a yard of masonry sand.”

“Ok. That’ll be 11 dollars.”


That’s it?


How do sand places stay in business? 11 dollars for a truck bed full of sand? Seems like that should be AT LEAST 100 bucks per truckload if sand.

Oh well. Live and learn, I guess.

Shoutout to all the full-time sand guys.