Ladies And Gentlemen...The Grant Ament Era Has Officially Begun


Well it took him about a quarter to get himself situated. So credit to the Atlas defense for holding Grant Ament pointless for that long. But after those first 12 minutes of his pro career were over with, the Grant Ament Show was in full force and this sick bastard put up a quick hat trick in the 2nd quarter alone.

Grant Ament is a feeder first and a dodger second. So the fact that the first goal of his career came from an off-ball cut really keeps things spicy out there. 

It just goes to show that this Archers offense is a complete and total wagon. They can all dodge, they can all feed, they can all finish. I am deeply and passionately in love with this offense. But speaking of getting all hot and bothered, let's talk about Ament's 2nd goal of the quarter.


Vintage Ament right there. He is the manager, owner and CEO of the Shake Shack. We've seen him put defenders like Chris Fake in a blender at X during his time at Penn State, and now he just took Kyle Hartzell to the Church of Shake as well. My goodness. That was ruthless. From a rookie playing in his debut. Ament is going to be an issue. Might just fuck around and be the league MVP in year 1. 

His 3rd goal came off a razor pick which was pretty nice but if we're going to highlight each and every single Grant Ament goal during this tournament, we'll be here forever. 

But yeah. Grant Ament was the clear cut pick for the 1st overall selection in the draft this year and in just 24 minutes of pro lacrosse, he's made sure there isn't a single doubt about that. 

With that being said, Bryan Costabile is a weapon as well and a quality pickup for Atlas. Get up!!! 

P.S. - New episode of The Crease Dive featuring Matt Gaudet dropping tomorrow.