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Pete Alonso Just Hit His First Fuckbomb Of The Season With An Exit Velocity Of 1000000000 MPH

You knew it was only a matter of time before the polar bear got on the board and get on the board he did. Thankfully that ball just cleared the Green Monster or else we would have had a piece of baseball history left with a giant hole in the middle of it. That's why we call Pete Alonso home runs Fuck Bombs. They could be high and long or they could be direct and to the point. But by the end of them, you are inevitably saying FUCK.

I'm not only calling bullshit on that exit velo because it was somewhere in the zillions but I'm also calling it on the distance because that ball would have gone around the world twice if it didn't hit anything

You know something special has happened when the opposing broadcast booth sounds like this.

Lets check in with Dennis Eckersley