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MLB Announces Tomorrow's Orioles Vs Marlins Game In Miami Will Also Be Cancelled

Obviously we've had the nightmare situation pop up for MLB with the huge spike in Covid-19 numbers within the Miami Marlins organization. Hubbs talked about it earlier today when the news broke, and just about an hour ago reports started coming down that tomorrows Orioles - Marlins game will not be played. Now the reporters are being careful with their words. Some are saying "cancelled", others are saying "postponed". Either way, I don't think we get those games made up. The Orioles and Marlins are scheduled to begin a series in Baltimore on Wednesday, but who the hell knows if that gets played. The Orioles flew straight to Miami from Boston on Sunday, the Marlins stayed in Philly and may take a bus to Baltimore? The Yankees didn't play in Philly when they were supposed to on Monday. This was the nightmare that MLB was hoping they could avoid. It took them 3 days for a pandemic to spread throughout a clubhouse. It seems like the Orioles knew this was happening and got their own plane to fly them back from Miami to Baltimore. Hottest team in baseball getting put on ice because the Marlins decided to see if some of their guys could play through this virus like it was a sprained ankle. 

Who knows if this series in Baltimore gets played, and if this drags on into the season some more. Rob Manfred has already said the marlins could resume playing on Wednesday pending acceptable results. Because if we've learned anything about this virus, it's that this thing clears up right away. It seems like MLB has 0 clue how to handle an outbreak like this, absolutely irresponsible. Let's hope that this is the only outbreak among a team this season and we will actually get something close to a full 60 game season.