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Bendy & His Ink Machine Better Step Up Their Shit If They Want To Scare Me Tonight

After my triumphant victory in 1 stream against Freddy Fazbear in Five Nights at Freddy's 2 I was looking for a story mode that seemed have a little fun aspect to it. And Bendy & The Ink Machine was the answer. The only problem is I think it's a little TOO MUCH "fun". Nowhere near enough scares in the first 2 chapters we got to last night so hopefully they scare it UP in the final 3 chapters tonight. As much as I hate getting scared, it's kind've a nice high so I NEED it when I do my horror streams.

Here's to less walking around in circles trying to find closet keys in garbage cans tonight & more to Bendy turning up the heat. We're LIVE now.