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NFL Media Members Get Mad At NFL Media Member Who Said NFL Media Members Are Cheering For NFL Season Not To Happen

When this tweet from Kyle Brandt popped up on my timeline, I didn't necessarily disagree with the guy. For the past three months, prominent members in the college football media have appeared to be set on no season happening this year. It almost felt like they were cheering for it.

I guess you could make the argument that I am a part of the college football media. I'd disagree for a number of reasons. I still view myself as the common college football fan and as that, it felt like there was a segment of the college football media that was talking down to their audience about having hope for the 2020 season. 

"Hey, you, peasant, you don't take this virus seriously because of what state you're from, stop talking about a 2020 season! I am mighty college football journalist and thanks to my side-gig as an epidemiologist, I know what's best...ALWAYS. I went to Northwestern, you went to a state school." 

All that being said, these journalists I am discussing could make the point that they were just doing their job. As a journalist, you are supposed to dig deep and then report on your findings, even if it makes your audience mad. For that, I give them credit. This is also an incredibly serious pandemic and one that everyone must take seriously. Often times, media members have big audiences, and to tell them the wrong information could have some impact (I think some overvalue the impact they will have, but ego is one hell of a drug).

I didn't view them as "rooting for the virus," but instead it came across more as, "I am the journalist, therefore I know more about you in this situation, even if it's one that no one can predict what is going to happen next."

Enough about me, back to Kyle Brandt and the reaction from his fellow NFL media members. At the time of this blog, there are close to 1800 quote tweets, and hundreds of them are from fellow blue checkmarks:

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 4.58.49 PM.png

Here is a sample:

Yeah, nobody wants anybody to die, Julie. 

I like this take from Mike. I don't think anyone is rooting for the virus. 

This is the common response, "Maybe, it's just people aren't rooting for death!" I don't know Kyle personally, but I can guarantee the man isn't rooting for anymore death. 

COVID-19 Twitter is the absolute worst. It's both sides of the coin thinking they know best, when in reality, we are still trying to figure this whole thing out. Does that excuse the NFL for waiting months before figuring out their protocol? No.