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You Are An Absolute Buffoon For Getting Rid Of Your Holographic Charizard Pokemon Card

Okay so first of all, let me just say that Charizard is the one and true Short King for all of us short folk out there. This man was only 5'7" but he was built like a brick house. Just goes to show how idiotic girls are who say they only talk to guys who are 6' or taller. Those idiots would miss out on Charizard for some fucking dork who works in insurance but his only redeeming quality is that he doesn't have to get on his tippy toes to reach the top shelf of the cabinet. 

But anyway, yeah, I bet you feel like a total asshole now that you got rid of your Pokemon card collection 15 years ago. Just think about how much you could do with an extra $55,000 in your pocket right now. And yes, I get that's for a 1st Edition Charizard but still. There's a chance you had that card just laying around in a binder somewhere but you gave it away when you 12-years-old because you were a dumb little shit head who thought the $20 you got in that trade would be all the money you needed in the world. And look at you now, you pathetic loser. Just a big, broke, dumb ass hat who could have been coming into a cool $55K tonight if you weren't such an impulsive prick as a child. You make me sick.