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Lou Williams Tells Kendrick Perkins To 'Shut Up, Stop Laughing And Saying It's Just For TV When You See Me' After Perk Blasts Him For The Strip Club Dinner

This is becoming my favorite story in a long time. We all know it now, Lou Williams hitting up the Magic City strip club, taking a picture with rapper Jack Harlow and Jack Harlow posting it. Lou Will now has a 10-day mandatory quarantine and is going to miss two games of the seeding process in the bubble. Honestly, he's not missing much. The Clippers are going to be the 2 or 3 seed and he's missing 2 of 8 games. It sucks, but people are overreacting in terms of ruining the Clippers chance or any shit like that. 

And now we have Kendrick Perkins saying Zion (who left the bubble) is more mature than Lou Williams. Dude, what? Lou Williams has been around for 15 years and has never gotten into shit. Hell, I still 100% believe he was just picking up dinner and got caught seeing someone he knew who took a picture: 

I love this response from Lou Will though. Don't talk a bunch of shit and then laugh it off in person. It's for sure one of the tougher parts for dudes like Perk, Barkley, Shaq, etc - dudes who played and now are pundits. These guys like Lou Will know Perk. He sees him quite a bit. Lou Will is ready to challenge Perk at Rough n Rowdy if he dares say anything to him. 

I may have become the biggest Lou Williams fan after this weekend.