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Wanna Have A Nightmare?

That'll do it! I'm not going to sit here and pretend I don't appreciate the creativity because I do, I'm just saying that this...


Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 1.24.27 PM.png

cannot be the future of dining in America. We can't turn the human race into Nightmare Before Christmasesque muppets every time they want to shove a breadstick down their gullet. Again, I understand the importance of wearing a mask, but slicing a hole in the middle of it defeats its purpose. Just stay home. Also how is it sticking to their lips? Double-sided tape? The whole thing is creepy as hell. The lady couldn't even put the straw in her mouth...


Part of me almost thinks it's fake. Like there's no way those people lack that much self awareness. Or maybe they do and they just don't care. Who knows? All I'm saying is that video will give me nightmares for the next week and I'm upset about it. On to the next one..