Johnny Manziel Says the Strip Club Wings That Landed Lou Williams Back in Quarantine Are the Best He's Ever Had

Everybody now knows the story of why Clippers guard Lou Williams is back in quarantine at the NBA bubble in Orlando. While on an excused absence in Atlanta for a funeral, Williams also decided to go to infamous strip club Magic City, where he was photographed with rapper Jack Harlow.

But Williams had an excuse for visiting the establishment: he was just picking up some wings for dinner. Everybody knows when you're in Atlanta and you want chicken wings, you bypass The Local and Taco Mac and head straight to the strip club.

However, someone who knows a thing or two about strip clubs said the wings at Magic City are the best he's ever had.

I suppose when consulting advice about strip club chicken wings, there isn't a much better source than Johnny Manziel. I'd take a wild guess he's dabbled in the kitchens of more than a couple gentlemen's clubs in his day.

However, I simply have to refute this claim. I'm sure the wings at Magic City are good — maybe even great. But the reason your brain thinks they're better is because you're eating chicken wings in a strip club. Mickey Mouse ice cream bars are literally just Edy's ice cream shaped like a cartoon rodent, but they taste way better than normal ice cream because you're walking around Disney World.

Without having been to Magic City, I'd bet my life that the wings are objectively worse than about five different places just in Atlanta. Y'all are just horny and hungry.