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The NHL Coming In HOT With Some Much Needed Good News

Under normal circumstances I wouldn't blog this update. However, with MLB and twitter in FULL meltdown mode after the Miami Marlins are having a covid-19 outbreak with double digit positive tests in the organization it feels like this is a good time to spread hope and good cheer. 

The NHL is 5 days away from playing games in the bubble. All 24 teams are there now. You would think that once teams have entered the bubble it'll be easier for them to keep the coronavirus out. The danger zone was really in the last three weeks as teams began to skate and practice in full groups at their individual facilities all over the country. Higher risk. 

The result of that...4256 covid-19 tests administered and a big, fat, ZERO positive tests. Those are the EXACT type of phase 3 numbers we needed for everyone to feel safe and secure. Hopefully it stays that way and we can enjoy the next 10 weeks worry free as we watch the greatest tournament on God's green Earth in an enhanced March Madness format. 

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