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Keenan Allen Hopped On Twitter And Immediately Started Fighting With The Bucs Wide Receivers Because Of The NFL Top-100 Rankings

I will never stop laughing at these stupid fights. They always crack me up because it shows that these dudes are super competitive and take everything too fucking serious. We're talking about a top-100 rankings. Of course people are going to be pissed. Of course everyone thinks they are better than someone else. This is especially true when we start talking about wide receivers. But Keenan Allen takes it to a different level and makes it even funnier. First off, he tags the wrong Chris Godwin! 

Just a great response from Mike Evans. Just starting with the obvious of tagging the wrong Chris Godwin but then immediately going to the 'yeah, I mean we don't make the rankings, but you fucking stink dude.' Now he obviously he didn't say that, but saying you're not on the same level as someone is basically saying that someone stinks, even if Keenan Allen does not stink. 

And then we get the better response from Chris Godwin 

Poor Chris Goodwin catching ricochet shots from Chris Godwin here. The best part is Chris Goodwin hasn't tweeted since 2013. I've never needed someone to return to Twitter more than this guy right now. Imagine looking at his mentions for the first time in 7 years and you have wide receivers arguing about each other in them. 

Actually the funniest thing is Keenan Allen following up his original tweet saying he's the best wide receiver in the AFC West. Why stop there? Why pick a fight with guys in the NFC South if you're just saying you're the best in the AFC West? You gotta go all out now if you're Keenan Allen. You can't stop because you're pissed you were ranked 77th. 

I need rankings to come out weekly. It always causes people to lose their shit.