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Tonight's Yankees-Phillies Game Has Been Postponed After The Marlins Coronavirus Outbreak

You know what? At least they didn't go through with this game. Could you actually imagine them playing this game tonight? With Rob Manfred at the helm I was legit terrified they were going to clean the hell out of the Phillies visitor's clubhouse and play on. That's just not the move here. You can't do anything until you get the full lab test results back from the Phillies and be sure they're cleared of any coronavirus. Taking that chance was beyond idiotic. 

So what do you do now? Considering this was set to be a two game home and home series this week I'd move the whole thing to the Bronx after you get those results back assuming they're clean. Whether you're playing a doubleheader tomorrow to make up for today or just going with a three game series, I feel like you need to move the series away from Philly just to be safe. Granted this whole thing very well be done, but I have a feeling one team having an outbreak isn't enough to call this thing yet. At least if you're reading the protocols that's what it says. If the Phillies themselves have an outbreak as a result of the Marlins then that could very well be it. 

Goddammit we couldn't even get one full week of games in without this shit. 

I'll say it, I hate coronavirus. 

P.S. I understand not all of you are baseball fans and that's fine, but if you're hoping for football coming back you best have other plans. How could they possibly play football in any safe way if baseball couldn't? Not like you can bubble the NFL.