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Wild Video Of 300 Kids Destroying A Putt Putt In Memphis, Tennessee

Source - A mini-golf complex got flooded with hundreds of kids after a mass parent drop-off, who then started wreaking havoc when they couldn't get their money back so say cops, anyway.

This went down Saturday night at the Putt-Putt Fun Center in Memphis, where police officers responded to call for service over reports of chaos breaking out after several different parents left upwards of 300 to 400 children at the facility, who began destroying the joint.

The staff told cops the sheer number of people put them in violation of local COVID-19 regulations, but that was the least of their worries based on this video...

Cops say witnesses told them the girl on video chucking crap was fed up because she couldn't get a refund. 

People online who say they were there claim some of the Putt-Putt Center's gaming machines were faulty and taking people's money without playing time.

First of all, I am so confused as to how this even happened. Was there a Facebook group where the "drop off" was organized?  How do three-HUNDRED kids all show up at once? Did they plan on ruining the place or did things just deteriorate once the machines started eating money? Was this a protest over COVID regulations? None of it makes sense. The only thing I can understand is how infurating it is when a machine eats a bill but still, this???

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 11.18.55 AM.png

^^ Seems like a bit of an over reaction. This video is allegedly from the same park…

Who knows. Hopefully the owners of the putt putt have good insurance because it looks like the place got destroyed. One thing's for sure and that's every one of these kids needs to be held responsible. They shouldn't have their lives ruined, but they should  at least repay the owners of this business. What a shame.