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Deion Sanders Tells Pardon My Take the Crazy Way He Found Out He Made the Hall of Fame

To open up another week on Pardon My Take, Deion Sanders, aka "Prime Time" joined the show to chat it up with Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter. The trio discussed playing both football and baseball, having tons of swag, and public bathroom use. He also gave us the details on an awesome story where he found out how he made the Pro Football Hall of Fame:

Mr. Commenter: What was it like prepping for that speech when you go in the Hall of Fame? Because I feel like you can just step up to the mic and just talk.

Deion Sanders: I didn't write anything down. Only thing is a few people that I didn't want to miss the thank you. But the speech comes in your head and it just rolls down and you tell the story, I could just see the story scrolling as I'm talking. 

Mr. Commenter: What was it like when David Baker came to knock on your door at the hotel to say you made it?

Deion Sanders: He didn't knock on my door. I won't go for that, you think I'll go set myself up in a room? I wasn't going to put myself in that situation where you go get a chance to knock on my door, not knock on my door, tell me I'm good enough for your little committee. I wasn't doing that. I was actually coaching a youth football game versus Snoop. They stopped the game, and Snoop came over with a Megaphone, and he did that.

Mr. Commenter: Snoop told you! Snoop told you that you made the Hall of Fame? 

Deion Sanders: Yeah, that's how it went down.

Mr. Commenter: That is the most perfect Deion Sanders story of all time.

Deion Sanders: Because you guys don't know how they do this. So imagine, for of your guys in a room and they come and tell you two, "Hey, you guys got to podcast... those two dudes." That's how it is. They come and tell you, and they take the guys that didn't out the back door, and nobody ever heard of them. That's why T.O. said, "I'm not doing it." Because two years prior, every year he was the guy and he had to walk out the back that didn't make it. And that's very humbling.  

What an unreal way to find out you made it into Canton. Aside from getting married, having kids, etc., the moment you know you are part of the most elite group in football history has got to be up there for "Prime Time." There are plenty of good stories from this interview, and it was a very appropriate way to kick off Grit Week 2020.