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Insane Video Of A Massive Brawl In The Streets Of England With Bricks, Chairs And A Goddamn Broom Being Hurled At People

Goddamn England. This is a hell of a street brawl. When you start hurling bricks, sticks and a broom at someone you know shit is going down. Apparently three people got injured in this and I gotta say, that number feels way too low. Somehow no injury is serious, which is the most shocking thing of this all. I legit have no idea how you get hit with a chair like it's the goddamn WWF and get up okay, but these English folks are tough.

But if you're throwing bricks at someone feel like that's a strong indication that someone is getting hurt - well unless you're Marv Merchant. 

For some reason this in the report (h/t The Sun) keeps cracking me up: 

It is not clear what sparked the brawl but cops are investigating.

I need to know what the hell sparked the brawl. This ain't just an average brawl either. You got the shirtless dude getting beaten to start - why isn't he wearing a shirt? Who is the person starting all of this? There's a bunch of questions that I need some follow up reporting to do. 

Getting hit with a brick has gotta be the worst object to be hurled at you in the world right? It doesn't matter where on your body you get hit, it's gonna hurt. Not only that but if it falls down on your foot, that's a broken toe. Just chill out people of England. We're in the middle of a pandemic here and we gotta band together to make sure Arsenal doesn't win the FA Cup. Can't have the people of Sheffield throwing chairs and brooms at each other.