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Mets Postgame Dick Kicking Recap Is Live (Before The Game Is Over)

There was no need for a recap blog for tonight's game or to even wait for tonight's game is over in order to record our postgame reaction. Kyle and I recorded the postgame recap for the 2nd straight night before the game was even over because we knew the game was truly over in the FOURTH INNING. This disaster was in the books the minute A-Rod was replaced on the broadcast by Chipper Jones due to A-Rod's potential conflict of interest and I am now mad at myself for not betting on the Braves since them winning in laugh out loud fashion in front of a national televised audience was a lock even before 2016 Cy Young winner (and 2019 Worst ERA winner) Rick Porcello took the bump. 

Some people will say Mets fans are pessimistic, but I like to think of us as realistic. We knew once Edwin Diaz blew that save yesterday, tonight was almost definitely going to be an ass kicking that would have the whole baseball world laughing at our team as we longed for those sweet, beautiful baseball-free spring and summer months of 2020. Sometimes you just don't know what you got til it's gone I guess. Hopefully we get a position player pitching before this nightmare is over.

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