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The Gamers Are Not Happy With Joe Rogan Calling Video Games A Waste Of Time

This isn't the first time Rogan has made this statement. I can't point to an exact episode, but I've heard him talk multiple times about his thoughts on video games being a waste of time. He usually starts that statement with how he used to be obsessed with playing the video game Quake. 

Of course, most people haven't heard the clip above and are just reacting to the viral Twitter clip. As usual, Rogan has made a lot of people angry:

Of course, capitalism was brought into it:

I mostly agree with Rogan. To me, video games are a waste of time. However, there are a lot of things that I do that others would view as a waste of time. Joe Rogan isn't asking for video games to be banned from America and neither am I. Rogan's podcast has always had a focus on "self-improvement." If you're trying to get your life together, spending hours upon hours every day playing video games does not really jibe with him. 

I see the benefits of video games. They can be entertaining and relaxing for those after a long day at work or a stressful life due to factors out of their control. It can also be incredibly social when you're playing with your friends online. I'm sure lonely individuals have made meaningful friendships online through gaming with people thousands of miles away from them. Gaming is also a massive part of the economy worldwide and provides countless careers. Look at Coach Duggs. He won multiple national championships because of video games. 

This is one of the viral topics of the day on Twitter and it fits the Joe Rogan viral trend perfectly. A 1-minute clip from a 3-hour podcast gets taken out and put on Twitter followed by a bunch of angry tweets by users who have never listened to one of his podcasts in full. Meanwhile, Rogan is probably running hills with his dog before he comes home to make some more of the Elk that he bow hunted. He then releases another podcast that will reach millions. He barely mentions, if at all, the outrage and moves on. In the end, the outrage meant nothing. Funny how that works.