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Marlins Lose 6 Guys to Covid Hours Before the Game. Still Beat The Shit Out Of The Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies baseball program just lost two out of three to a Marlins team that is barely able to field a full roster. I may be wrong, but I for one don't think that's a great start to the season. Give up 11 runs to the worst lineup in baseball? Not good. Leave 29 runners on base? Not good. Go 3-22 on the series with runners in scoring position? Not fucking good. 

There are so many things that were wrong with this game. Number one, I can not fucking believe that we allowed ourselves to once again think that Vince Valasquez is any different than he really is, just an absolute bum. Every year he comes out and shows he has great stuff and every year he is just such a disappointment. You get a 4 run lead in the 1st inning after an absolute piss missle from Bryce and you just come back in the top of the second and give it right back up.

That just can not happen. You simply cannot go 3 innings, give up 4 runs, and hand the ball over to the bullpen in the fourth inning. This brings me to the next disappointment. The bullpen is an absolute embarrassment.

How the fuck did Matt Klentak go into this season thinking that this bullpen was capable of doing ANYTHING? The fact that you saw what the relievers did last year and did NOTHING has to be a fireable offense. You have Cole Irvin pitching in major league baseball games. Cole. Irvin. He is such a joke every single time he steps foot on a baseball field. I swear to god I don't think he's ever had a scoreless outing.

I don't know where this team goes from here. The hitters had zero timely hitting this weekend but at least you can see something there. The lineup is deep as hell and should be able to compete if they have some sort of help from the pitching. I hope to god that the decision to have Spencer Howard pitch in Lehigh today means that he's gonna take that bum Vince's spot in the rotation next time around.

At least this pitching staff gets to face the Yankees next. That should be a little easier than the Marlins right?