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Shout Out To This Ump And Manager For Masking Up Before Screaming At Each Other For Being Cocksuckers

What a weird time to be alive. Players getting run while sitting in the stands. Managers and umps can't even scream at each other in this era. Credit to cool heads prevailing at least enough to follow protocols. I can't imagine it's easy to remember to throw a mask on before running out to yell at someone you DESPISE in that moment. While it's great to see given the circumstances, it's a shitty reminder of where things are. Honestly, I haven't been bothered by the lack of fans or crowd noise or anything the first weekend of the season. This though, this sucked. You want to see guys nose to nose. You want to know that the ump was being a dickhead and because of that he is going to have to wipe the manager's spit splatter off of his face before putting his mask back on. That's part of what makes baseball great. I can't wait until we have this thing beat so we can go back to manager-ump confrontations like this