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Uh Oh...Mike Ditka Is Trending

And...exhale. Mike Ditka is trending and he is NOT dead. That is good. Now for the bad news...he's probably going to be canceled. 

I'd like to institute a rule for the internet. If a person's name is trending and the first reasonable thought you have as to why they might be trending is that they could be dead, then you're not allowed to ask that person questions about the flag, the anthem, BLM, or anything bordering on that subject. Mike Ditka is 80 years-old and played football during an era where you were a bitch if you got knocked unconscious and missed more than one play. Can't ask a guy like Ditka to comment on the state of the world. That is setting him up for trouble. 

Again, the good news...not dead. That is a silver lining to these comments going viral. A check-in with da coach.